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The Global Erg Challenge is the first event of its type in the world, of any sport we know of, that lets people compete from anywhere in the world, physically, on their own machine, with the people competing in the actual race. In this case, it is for rowing and paddling events, and the race is 45km around the iconic Hong Kong Island on November 9th, 2019.

The Around the Island Race (ATIR) has been organized by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club for years, and often there are more athletes than there are boats. Organized by the NGO, Ocean Recovery Alliance, this event will help expand ocean sport participation, with a message about ocean protection, in a high-intensity race that match your skills with others around the world.

Now from your own gym, club, school, office or garage, and wherever you have your Erg or paddle adaptor machine, you can race as solo, or relay teams, around Hong Kong Island, with a special app created by our partner KinoMap, which allows you to view Hong Kong in a synchronized race video as you compete. We have already created this video for you, and the dates for you to submit your solo or team times to the event are from October 18th – November 3rd. This will all be done automatically via the KinoMap app, so it’s easy!

On Race Day, we will put everyone’s avatar of their own boat/time on a map that will allow each team to see themselves “virtually” competing against others in the world. You will not know how you did in the race until you see this Race Day event online. It will begin at 9:00am Hong Kong time, when starter’s gun goes off for the on-the-water race.

We will have a special Race Day video for teams, friends, families and coaches to watch, and we want some of your content! If you send us some interesting, fun, exciting content, or even just interviews of why you are competing, we may select these for our final Race Day Video.

How to Submit:

  1. Create a video on your smart phone, or other camera, of 60 seconds or less.
  2. Topics or Images to be shared can include the following:
    • Video of your team rowing/paddling on the machine
    • Video of your team and/or cheering squad of supporters
    • Interviews of competitors or coaches, and why you are excited to be rowing or paddling around Hong Kong Island
    • What the ocean (or waters) means to you, and why you care to protect them
    • Ocean experiences that inspire you to want to protect the sea
    • Anything supportive or combined of the above
  3. Send a Wetransfer link (or other) to us at before November 3rd.

We hope you can be part of this amazing new global sports event, with a message for the ocean. If selected, your video will be part of the final production video for the Global Erg Challenge Race Day.

Prizes: Awards will be given to the team/producer (one per video) for the best of these categories:

  1. Most Inspirational
  2. Best video per category (High School, University, Corporate, Open)
  3. Best video created on a smart phone
  4. Funniest motivational video (remember this can also be a message to the other competitors out there)
  5. Best environmental ocean (or water) message
  6. Best message linking the value of sports and a good, healthy outdoor environment

Fundraise for the Ocean!

We hope that teams/solos can fundraise for this event, with pledges for the ocean from your friends and community. Each team can easily create their own fundraising page, and those teams who raise the most funds will receive a special prize (one per person of the team). Proceeds will go to our work at Ocean Recovery Alliance, and a few of our projects, including our Global Alert platform (allowing you to report trash hotspots anywhere in the world’s waters), and our Plastic Catch program where we work with local communities to remove and prevent trash from entering their waters.

If you know of any sponsors who might be interested to support, please let us know, as this event will gain a lot of publicity, and will be able to quickly grow by virtue of the number of rowing/paddling machines that exist around the world. Now, without having to travel, you can experience racing around Hong Kong Island! Of course, we hope that you can come to compete in the actual race in the years to come as well!

Our Prizes For Fundraising


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